About Us  

Our Vision
To be recognized worldwide as a leading expert and premium resource of equipment and accessories, materials and services for the beverage, water treatment, ice making, plastics, chemicals, and packaging industries.

Our Mission
To earn our customers' trust and confidence and maintain our reputation of excellence by providing incomparable SERVICE and high QUALITY products at the best VALUE.

Our Tagline
Clear Solutions. Pure Service.

Our Core Values
From entry-level professionals to upper-level management, at American Ultrafil, we all adhere to the same core values that unify our team commitment in providing the very best for our customers. These core values act as the guiding principles that demonstrate who we are and what motivates us:

  • Gain the correct KNOWLEDGE to do our jobs well.
  • Achieve the necessary SKILLS to challenge ourselves and expand our areas of expertise.
  • Exhibit positive and business-appropriate ATTITUDES to colleagues, vendors and customers at all times.
  • Apply our best EFFORTS in every project, meeting and conversation. (There's never a second chance to make a good first impression).
  • Build strong and long-lasting RELATIONSHIPS with all our business partners both internally and externally.

Our Culture
At American Ultrafil, we are strongly committed to providing continuous learning and opportunities to our people, offering a casual and friendly work environment that stimulates and encourages outstanding results. Likewise, we value and recognize individual and team contributions and dynamic, solutions-oriented thinking. We treat each member of our organization fairly and equally, expecting excellence and professionalism in return.

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